Screw Type Batch Chargers

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High performance and dependable service are assured with the Global Glass Screw Type Batch Charger which is designed to feed glass batch to the furnace melter.

Compatible with all dry batch charging applications, this unit features heavy duty construction throughout, from bearings to motors to gear reducers. Even in the most demanding furnace operation, the weld fabricated construction results in precise, reliable processing for a wide range of batch formulas.

The base of the charger is constructed of mild steel and sits on V-groove wheels so the assembly can be mounted on rails. The hopper is constructed of mild steel and can be modified to suit any installation.

A heavy duty gear motor with chain drive and idler sprockets provide torque to the helical conveying screw. The drive is fully enclosed and utilizes interlocks for additional safety. The conveying screw is enclosed in a water-cooled jacket that can be outfitted with both pressure and temperature sensors providing constant monitoring.

This batch charger’s inventive design incorporates features to increase the life of component parts and simplify maintenance. It is offered in a range of screw sizes to accommodate a wide range of furnace demands.


  • Easy adjustments to suit feed rates
  • Reduced dusting, sting-out and fluctuations in furnace pressure
  • Variable feed to accommodate a few tons to over 150 tons per day
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Suitable for all types of furnaces without doghouses


  • Wheel mounted base unit for ease in horizontal adjustment
  • Electrical characteristics to suit your plant
  • Rugged welded construction assures years of service

Installation Options:

  • Single or multiple charger configurations
  • Sealed furnace to improve efficiency
  • Variable speed AC or DC motor drives
  • Fabrication in stainless steel or other alloys
  • Custom hoppers and transition chutes
  • Automatic process controls


  • Positioning and timing programmer
  • Batch Master 3 control panels for multi-charger installations

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