Glass Level Detector

Performing Multiple Tasks - Precisely!

The Global Glass GTI Auto-Level Glass Level Detector combines state-of-the-art computer technology with a proven method of non-contact glass level measurement to assure precise continuous monitoring of the glass surface to +/-0.001″ (0.025mm).

Since Global Glass Equipment Engineering first introduced the detector in the 1980s, it has been significantly refined to provide easier installation, operation and maintenance while adding features to improve accuracy and enhanced control. In essence, it’s a detector, a recorder, a controller – and possibly more.

The GTI Auto-Level samples glass level on a programmable interval of 30 seconds or more and waits between intervals with the sensing probe retracted above the glass level, also at a programmable distance. This innovation provides more accurate glass level detection and virtually eliminates the possibility of the sensing probe touching the glass surface, even when there is a sudden change in glass level or variation in furnace pressure.


  • Precise weight control
  • Improved furnace performance
  • Continuous display of current glass level
  • Easy access to all set-up and operating parameters


  • Three separate components to simplify installation and servicing:
    1. Control panel (can be located up to 400 feet away)
    2. Probe drive (rated for 500 pounds of thrust)
    3. Instrument air panel (installed within 5 meters of probe drive)
  • NEMA 12 rated enclosure
  • Allen Bradley PLC, HMI and Inverter Drive
  • Memory module backup
  • Industrial DC power supply
  • Analog outputs for glass level and automatic batch charger control
  • Alarm relays
  • Instrument air fan with built-in backup
  • High temperature probe drive with quick disconnect couplings
  • Remote jog switch for probe drive setup

Installation Options:

  • Inconel or ceramic sensing tubes
  • Color touch screen HMI
  • Full integration into the Batch Master 3 Batch Control System
  • Available in UL, CSA or CE Compliant


  • Control panel includes all required components for operation from a single AC power input
  • Pre-wired quick disconnect couplings
  • Jog up/down setup switch

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