Automatic Batch Wetting Feeders

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The Global Glass Hydra-Mix Blending and Conveying System is acknowledged as the industry leader in batch wetting and blending processes. Serving many well-known glassmakers worldwide, the Hydra-Mix is a complete, automatic and ruggedly built system.

The Hydra-Mix is composed of three main sections: the drive section, the conveying section and the blending section. The newly introduced drive section utilizes a TEFC, Super E Motor with a belt drive connection to a shaft mounted speed reducer to provide torque to the drive shaft. The drive belt and sheaves are enclosed for safety with a removable cage for easy maintenance.

The conveying and mixing section utilize hardened steel flights and paddles bolted through the main shaft for maximum strength and easy access for maintenance. The mixing section utilizes expanded metal covers with safety interlocks, allowing maintenance personnel to view the section while running. The expanded metal is covered with aluminum diamond plate to provide a dust seal while remaining light enough for one person to remove.

The wetting section utilizes a manifold for wetting agent distribution to the brass spray nozzles. Pressurized air connected to the Hydra-Mix provides greater atomization of the agent and better overall wetting of the batch while also allowing the nozzles to be blown free when wetting is stopped to prevent clogging.

The integrated proportional wetting system provides precise and constant (+/- 0.1%) batch humidity in single, multi or variable speed operation.
The Hydra-Mix is credited as a valuable profit partner in various phases of production, ranging from enduring, improved quality and uniformity to better batch distribution and including greater glass output and reduced fuel consumption.


  • Cleaner furnace atmosphere
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Reduced dusting
  • Longer, more efficient furnace life


  • Direct glass level control by variable speed or stop/start operation
  • Full overload protection
  • Easy access to all lubrication and adjustment points
  • Quick replacement of modular screw flights and mixing paddles
  • Direct coupled gear reducer
  • Bolt-on Drive End Belt Guard Design
  • Batch Entrance Chute and Metering Tub Covers

Installation Options:

  • All steel fabrication
  • Torque overload clutch
  • Heavy duty chemical metering pump
  • Oversized drive and bearings
  • Soft tub liners for highly hydroscopic batch formulas
  • Special fluid handling systems for caustic, decolorizer or unique liquid agents
  • AR liners and crushing options for high cullet applications
  • Oversize and special length units
  • Feeder capacities of 25 to 575 tons of dry batch per day


  • Combination motor starters or variable speed drives
  • Batch Master 3 control panels for multi-charger/Hydra-Mix installations

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