Stationary Batch Charger

The Industry Standard – Improved with Technology

Global Glass combines decades of experience and expertise to offer a state-of-the-art Stationary Batch Charger – updated to incorporate technological advancements never before available.

Regarded as the standard of the industry, the Ganaglass Stationary Batch Charger has been improved with a mature design and exacting details to provide superior performance in either conventional or customized models.

Optional cooling water temperature and pressure sensors provide constant monitoring of cooling water with alarms if temperature or pressure limits are exceeded. The monitoring of the cooling water helps prevent water box damage due to over-temperature, over-pressure, or loss of cooling water.

Abrasion resistant coatings are available for mild steel units on high wear areas for use in installations with high cullet percentages or oversized cullet.

Global Glass can also provide a charger cooling skid for installations with unsuitable cooling water supplies. A single cooling skid can be configured to supply adequate water for multiple chargers. The skid utilizes a closed loop system and can be filled with straight water or a 50/50 water glycol mix.


  • Easy adjustments to suit feed rates
  • Reduced heat losses
  • Variable feed to accommodate one to over 500 tons per day
  • Durability and easy maintenance provide low Total Cost of Ownership


  • Sealed doghouse design to reduce dust, sting out and fluctuations
  • Heavy-duty drive for dry, wet, briquetted or pelletized batch formulas
  • Rugged welded construction assures years of service
  • Use with wet, dry or preheated batch

Installation Options:

  • AC or DC drive configurations
  • Adjustments for pusher speed, stroke and position
  • Sizes available to suit individual furnace capacity
  • Fabrication in stainless steel or other alloys
  • Custom hoppers and transition chutes
  • Automatic process controls
  • Bin Level Detectors for high and low alarms


  • Positioning and timing programmer
  • Batch Master 3 control panels for multi-charger installations

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